Thursday, March 15, 2012

Just want to write something...bout my feeling..whether it is Trust? Disappointed?

If I need to trust you...
I hope you can always tell me the truth..
It’s ok to tell the truth..
I Don’t want to regret it later..
I don’t want to be a bad friend..

AND.. it also because of...
I don’t want myself to feel very’s hurt me..
I feel really hurt ...really sad..
Even though I know..
You have your own reason... BUT..
Please!!!!!!!!!!! ,Please!!!!!!!!!!! And please!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me know your problem.. PLEASE...

I really care about you my dear friend..
I don’t want banana fruits two times..
I think you understand what I’m saying.
Now, only you.. my best friends... the only ONE..

Secret? Why you want to keep a secret?
Sometimes... secret will make us misunderstanding...
Me? I don’t have any interesting secret.. Believe me...
There is only a few time for us to make a wonderful memory here..
So, I really hope .. we can be a very good listener to each other..

Lots of love, for u..
Best Friend Forever

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